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a homeless man who found a diamond engagement ring in his change cuff and he returned it to its grateful owner. that one good deed completely changed his life. he will be here to tell us all about it. >> looking forward to that. we begin, though, this morning with that early spring snowstorm rolling across the country. we are keeping you very busy, phyllis. >> this weather is just relentless. good morning, ereka. good morning, everyone. parts of the midwest from wichita, kansas, all the way to indianapolis are seeing more heavy snow this morning as we deal with the winter weather that doesn't want to end. >> on i-25 near johnston, colorado, a fiery collision between a tanker truck and a car. >> looks like the propane was caught on fire with people. you can't even describe what it looked like. you can't even describe it. >> reporter: along with it a massive pile-up. >> four or five semis and, like, 40 cars. truck drivers on the road, it's tough. i never see anything like this. >> reporter: one wrecked vehicle was pulled after another out of the tangled pile of steel. several people were h
to young teens or tweens cross a line? >>> big changes coming to "the view." there's speculation that another of the hosts is on the way out days after joy behar announced she's getting set to leave. we'll get into all of that intrigue. >>> in afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacking in kabul as defense secretary chuck hagel's in the middle of a trip there. we have more from kabul. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. how are you? yeah, terrible day of violence here in afghanistan. one suicide attack in the eastern city that was aimed at a joint patrol, nine civilians killed, though. eight of them children, the other one, as you mentioned, here in central kabul. an afghan official saying it was a lone bicycle-riding suicide bomber who set off his charge 30 yards to the main entrance of the afghanistan began defense ministry. the blast could be heard for miles, even at the building where secretary hagel was in a briefing. the briefing continued uninterrupted as did the itinerary that took him to bagram air base and jalalabad. today is a big day. he will visit in kab
to feed him, how to change him? >> it was an experience. i got thrown into it. holding him. it came naturally. >> did you have a few mess-ups? >> oh, yeah, i hit his head a couple times. >> it's amazing what babies survive. >> he's okay. >> how about your man? how is he taking to fatherhood? >> he is amazing, he's a great father. only because i feel like he's grown up with kids, his family is huge. he's always been around kids. so he's like the awesome one and you know i'm still learning. >> and how is your relationship changed as a result of being parents to this beautiful baby boy? >> well there's no romantic stuff any more. it's all about the baby, obviously. >> well, the baby does sleep at times? >> not really. >> now when we were doing the interview, they were saying on the notes that we've always called you snooki. >> we never knew you had another name. but in interviews you like to be called now by your given name, which is nicole. >> it's nice to hear my real name once in a while. snooki is what i'm known as, but i like nicole, too, so i think it's cool to use both. >> are t
a divorce, having a baby or losing your job we're all faced changes that can turn our world upside-down. how do you thrive when faced with a life-altering event. >> career coach had a premature baby while on vacation. that game-changer forced her and her family to temporarily relocate to another state. and cally yost is an author of the new book called "tweak it" make what matters to you happen every day. "tweak it." like that. >> sometimes there is this, tell us about your life change. you were on vacation and -- >> i'm a new yorker. we were down visiting my in-laws and we've done the florida keys, actually. florida keys retreat every year. i'm having a baby, so i want to go early. >> how far along were you in your pregnancy? >> 27 weeks. we got down to florida, we were planning to stay 10-12 days and three, four days in i started to have complications. and i went to a hospital in miami and they said, you're not going anywhere and another few days i had the baby. >> now the baby is 2 years old and thriving. >> thank god. >> those have been tough years. >> i'm sure. >> the difficult stuff --
change over to rain and move into new jersey through philadelphia, into new york city as we continue through the day, and it extends back into chicago where we will see snow turn over to sleet and freezing rain. this area of low pressure back across indiana is going to move to the east, northeast through the morning, then we're going to see another storm system redevelop off the mid-atlantic coast. that's the one that brings heavier snow, across new england, and through the ski resorts. we see perhaps up to a foot of snow through parts of vermont into new hampshire and maine as well. it is not going to be a blockbuster storm, maybe an inch or so, you get to boston, we will see several inches of snow today and tonight as well. >> they've had some winter in boston so far. thanks very much. >>> we are following breaking news in indiana where a private plane crashed into a neighborhood near south bend. nbc's kevin tibbles is at the scene. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the private jet apparently experiencing technical problems slammed into this neighborhood
>>> also, a strong warning against the tsa's policy change to allow some knives back on the planes. the head of the organization that represents air marshals says quote flight attendants are going to be sitting ducks end quote. we'll talk about that with the vice president of the association of flight attendants. >>> and we have new information this morning on what triggered a deadly lion attack at an animal park in california. the victim was identified overnight as a 24-year-old woman weeks into an internship at the park. >>> we start with new threats this morning with the strong winter storm as it arrives in the northeast. al, good morning to you. >> a big, powerful storm coming on shore into california. we'll get to that in a second. let's start with this nor'easter that we're watching. worcester, massachusetts, gusting, anywhere from another 3 to 8 inches of snow there. then along the new jersey shoreline, up to five communities now with voluntary evacuations because of the strong winds, the high tides. there has been some coastal flooding, so people are keeping an eye on that.
would like to have a little girl. now that the succession laws have changed, so whoever is the first baby, whether it's a boy or a girl, will be the king or queen of england. so it's big stakes here. big stakes. >> i love it, don't you? >> aw. >> you don't care? >> i'm totally into it. no, i'm way into it. >> she got her heel caught in a grate. >> i don't know anyone who is more graceful than kate in getter her heel out of the grate. >> talk to us about "fifty shades of grey" who is going to play the lead role. it's not emma watson. >> it never was emma watson. it's a group called anonymous, they claim they hacked into a master database of movies in germany and in this database they found out that anastasia would be played by emma watson. very strange. but we believed it. >> she would be good. >> it is not her. >> who should play that role? >> i don't know. i think someone very sassy or someone that's a surprise. mila kunis is the obvious choicee, but julianne hough would nail it upside-down. >> it would be a nice girl, a good girl image. it would be really interesting. >> you went t
is by the earrings. at least you changed it up. a lot of people support you. a lot of people are having a lot of trouble making ends meet. most people unless i'm on television i wear the same stuff all the time. >> i i'm on a bunch of television. >> some of us -- i don't know. i think sometimes -- i like to mix things up. i don't keep the stuff i wear. i give it back. >> yeah. and i actually checked the calendar to see when i last wore this one. >> it was recent. >> no, it wasn't. it was a month or maybe more. >> okay. >> i kind of got into a little bit of a southern country mood. i played that last kind of southern song last time? >> oh, it's time for that ihoda. >> this one is old school country. and i've just been in that mood lately. >> i like country. >> i'm going to do a little alabama. >> love it already. i guarantee you. >> it is an old song called "song of the south." hit it. >> this is great. this is great. ♪ >> right off the bat. ♪ song of the south sweet potato pie and shut my mouth ♪ ♪ gone gone with the wind ain't nobody looking back again ♪ >> not a classic rhyme but
loved it for my niece. i think she will totally go crazy over cinderella, the costume change, the beautiful scenery. they were all very excited. >> for people like me who grew up on the leslie ann warren one and whatever year it was, i missed that story and missed hearing all of those songs in their entirety. so that just shows you it's a generational thing. but everybody is good in it. very good. >> hey, miss sara haynes. >> today to announce johnson's baby of the week. celebrating new moms and their bundles of joy. first up is kiley james macarthur. next up, surprise, surprise, is elliott joseph holland dodson, who made his debut on january 11th, in california. mom and dad, are so happy 2-year-old ava is a big sister. >>> and finally our third today's johnson baby of the week is kennedy claire fagan, born to kelly and gregory of los gatos, california. a big congratulations to all of our babies. if you'd like your baby to be considered for johnson's baby of the week, go to our website, at klgandhoda.com. >> you're our baby, sara. >>> our hair and makeup team have worked thei
, and so that made perhaps some italians change their mind after the judgment. but there is also those people who believe that the court should triumph, and that she is guilty. >> all right. thank you in rome this morning. thank you very much, praxilla. savannah? >> we are joined by one of amanda knox's attorneys. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, have you talked to your client, her family, and what is the reaction? >> yes, i have talked to much of her family this morning and i have spoketon amanda many times yesterday. i did not have the opportunity to speak to her this morning though. >> and their reaction? are they blindsided by this? >> well, certainly everyone was hopeful that the appellant court jury's verdict would be affirmed, because it was sound and thoroughly well researched and well documented and after a search and inquiry, they concluded that the prosecution's evidence whether it was witness testimony or physical evidence or forensic conclusion was completely unjustified and it was ooeither absent, non-existe or inaccurate rat or unreliable and so there was
the rest and as of yesterday the climate really changed. they have gone into essentially a retreat. a lot of catholics, a lot of christians make retreats for a day, for two days, for five days. some actually make a month-long retreat. i don't think they'll be doing that here. but this is the kind of retreat for the catholic church. they go in to pray. that's essentially what they're doing and they're not too worried at this point about getting it over in a day or two days or some people said getting back by palm sunday but really choosing the person they believe that should lead the catholic church. >> as you mentioned, they are not unaware of what's going on in the outside world. i know the general congregation discussion centered on that. most recently we heard of the los angeles diocese here settling a handful of sexual abuse cases for $10 million. how much concern is there that the next pope is somebody able to restore credibility to the institution, get a handle on these scandals whether the sexual abuse scandal worldwide or some of the financial and government scandals that the vati
called a new perspective as a dad learning that his college-age son is gay. his change of position comes a week before the supreme court is going to hear oral arguments over a 1996 federal law, that law asserts that gay marriage is not legal and it's a measure that portman himself co-sponsored at the time. >> i see the romney/ryan team going all the way to the white house! >> reporter: for the prominent ohio conservative, senator rob portman who was a fixture at one time considered a favorite to become mitt romney's running mate it's a dramatic reversal on gay marriage. >> i've come to the conclusion for me personally i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married and to have the joy and the stability of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it, including our son, who is gay. >> reporter: portman has voted against same-sex marriage many times in the past. today mitt romney marches back into the political spotlight, his remarks at an annual conference for conservatives marking romney's first public speech since he exited
in the catholic church, the abuse scandal pop among them and some think of changing it in a doctrinal way. is that going to happen under this pope? >> no. the pope preserves the doctrine and will teach the same. it is not a question of changing doctrine. this is our president he will swear to preserve, protect the constitution. something similar here. he can change the focus, the emphasis, the style, certainly, and that pope is certainly doing that. >> father robert baron, good so see you. looks like a gorgeous day there in rome. what happened when i was there? here is erika. >>> >> new concerns about north korea's nuclear weapons. the pentagon says it will spend a billion dollars to beef up the missile defense system along the west coast. here is now from our correspondent. >> the north korean leader revealed his troops during military kper sizes but at the pentagon hagel warned it is missiles that sounded the alarm? north korea in particular recently made advances and engaged in a serious of irresponsible and reckless provocatio provocations. >> 20 counter of u.s. military will stoleste
became the first american to be part of a worldwide trial that has the potential to change the way we do organ transplants. at 57, fernando walks two miles every day. something that just months ago he was unable to do. diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2010, his only hope was a double lung transplant. >> all i could do was sit down and watch tv and my wife had to do everything for me. >> tethered to oxygen 24 hours a day, his wife said he had trouble doing the smallest things. >> just to pick up his plate, put it in the sink from here to there, it was a struggle. >> but in november, doctors at ucla medical center found a match, and fernando became the first patient in the united states to under go a surgery that placed breathing lungs into his chest. the former construction worker who helped build ucla's hospital, now entrusted its doctors to help rebuild him. >> i'm all about technology. if you want to transport lungs in a new way, let's do it. i'm all about going forward. >> rather than arriving on ice, the organ was transported in a box, kept warm, and pumping from donor to recipie
change under his leadership? those who want to get rid of the celibacy requirement for priests are looking hopefully at the pope's admission of past crushes. jim maceda has more. >> good morning, matt. it turns out francis, the first latin-american pope came to the priesthood at age 32, not before he had his own moments of doubt and temptation. ♪ as pope francis emerges, we're learning the former archbishop of buenos aires can be most frank will celibacy and sex. >> you can marry me. you love me. >> but i love god more. >> reporter: like the conflicted catholic priest in the 1980 tv mini series "thornbirds" former jorgeb jorgeber bergoglio said "i could not pray for over a week because when i tried to do the girl appeared in my head." eventually he went into priesthood and swore to celibacy, fulfilling a promise he made to this woman, amalia, once his neighborhood and childhood crush. >> translator: he said to me if i don't marry you, i'll become a priest. >> reporter: surprising some vatican watchers pope francis appears to bless the idea of married priests, at least in the
to educate the public about making healthier choices without actually changing the law. >> in his ruling, the judge said the ban was quote arbitrary and capricious that the city exceeded its authority and the fact that refills were not restricted would, quote, defeat the purpose of the rule. >> the judge said this is just riddled with too many loopholes, too confusing, therefore arbitrary and capricious. >> reporter: the beverage industry says the new law would've cost them tens of millions of dollars. small restaurant owners also worried about their bottom line from lost sales and the potential for hefty fines. >> i think it's an outrageous law, it makes absolutely no sense. you can go across the street, we have a liquor store, you can buy as much liquor as you want. >> reporter: the law is one of mayor bloomberg's controversial health initiatives. he's made headlines for his in your face campaign against obesity, smoking -- >> this is what this decision cost me. >> reporter: and most recently teen pregnancy. now it seems his next battle may be against the court. >> we believe that the
of the church and how he will shake things up? >> i think it's going to be a very change. i think that this personality, and this particular way of living and way of working is going to have a repercussion in every section of the church. especially in rome, and the curia, but i also think in the diocese. already here in new york, wherever i go, the priests want to talk about pope francis. what are the implications of his philosophy? his way of doing things? and so forth. and so he's being studied very closely. >> do you think that he will inspire young people the way john paul ii did? by his, his very accessible style? >> i think he already has. i can see it already starting. he's really very much in line with the thinking of the young people of the world, i believe, and here in new york, i've been getting around quite a little, and everywhere i go, he is the discussion. i was at a parish, resurrection, for the dedication of the new gymnasium, i think about three days ago. the place was full of young people. it has the largest catholic youth organization in the arch die os ease. i
will be closely watched by more than a billion catholics. many wanting change after a series of scandals. >> i can imagine these meetings getting challenging, chippy, not informal but hard hitting at certain points. >> reporter: former scottish cardinal keith o'brien would have been among them but announced his resignation last week. now in a statement he has effectively admitted inappropriate sexual contact with other priests and he apologized. the successor to pope benedict must put such things in the past. at this neighborhood church just a few miles from the vatican catholic parents know what they want from a new pope. >> i think it's important that he will be able to reach the souls of the young people. >> reporter: and already, the new pontiff's gown has been made, three vestments in different sizes, displayed by tradition in the window of the papal tailor. they must find the right man to wear it. >> reporter: this morning, there is still no top candidate, not even three front runners. we're told they did have a 45-minute discussion and did discuss when the papal election should start. savan
. >>> another big story we're following this morning, a major change coming if you fly. it's stirring up a lot of controversy. starting next month for the first time since 9/11, passengers will be allowed to carry some knives on to flights. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is at reagan national airport. good morning, pete. >> reporter: reagan national pretty much shut down right now, matt, but the tsa says the whole idea here is to avoid hassles for the millions of americans who carry pocket knives and free screeners for having to search for knives that can't bring down a plane and they say with hardened cockpit doors, knives are less of a threat. it's been in place for more than a decade, strict airline security rule that forbids passengers to carry knives on board with them. that's about to change. tsa says it's part of an effort to focus the attention of screeners on the most serious threats. >> we are trying to focus on the highest risks. that being the nonmetallic improvised explosive devices and we don't want the small knives, pocket knives, sporting equipment to be a distractio
with the shot. mondays can be difficult, specially after the time change. this is what you wake up and make your way out the front door. mike has a traffic alert you will need to know about. 40 degrees to start the day in santa cruz. we are going to ramp up into the mid-60s by noon and round out the day with plenty of 70s. 68 degrees for san francisco. if you like the warm weather, we keep it going all the way through wednesday. we will peek at 81 degrees. start to level off thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. things change. we bring in the clouds and maybe a stray shower for the north bay sunday into monday. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. a heavier volume of traffic. 92 over the bay, pretty steady westbound. 92, san mateo hills, closed between skyline and half moon bay. the earlier crash, we told you about major injuries reported. we just got an update from chp the helicopter ha took that victim away has died as a result of the crash. highway 1 is your alternate. we are seeing a slower drive there and patches of fog. you will have to take that for yo
, and already he is really changing the landscape of threats. >> a story we are keeping a close eye on. andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. >>> >>> counterterrorism adviser john brennan was approved by the senate thursday as the new cia director. the vote came after the obama administration assured opponents that the u.s. would not use a drone to kill an american terror suspect who is not engaged in combat on american soil. >>> in venezuela, a hero's sendoff today for hugo chavez, a harsh critic of the u.s. who ruled for 14 years. nbc's mark potter is in caracas. good morning, mark. >> good morning. the funeral begins later this morning and will be attended by presidents and diplomats from latin america and around the world. among them, cuban president raul castro, iran's mahmoud ahmadinejad, and a small, low-level delegation from the united states. after the service, chavez will not be buried. instead he will lie in state for another seven days, so more venezuelans can pay their respects. all day yesterday, and into the night, thousands and thousands of people stood in a mile-long line
. erica? >> dylan, thanks. the clocks may have changed overnight, but in washington it is status quo. president obama and congress still deadlocked over the budget which had plenty of fodder. the annual event where there is plenty of joking is and no cameras allowed which makes it safe in this twitter age. to poke a little fun the president took that moment opening his remarks with a little disclaimer and nod to everyone's favorite topic these days, the sequester. saying, "my joke writers have been place on furlough. no one will feel any immediate impact because of the sequester. we're about to find out how wrong you are. david gregory moderator of "meet the press". >> good morning. i stayed up way too late. >> you're still here this morning and we appreciate it. obviously there was the sequester, the butt of many jokes last night. we should point out a little glimmer of hopes in washington. saying he's going to meet with both parties this coming week. is there some real potential for negotiation here now? >> i think there is. i mean, i think we have to be careful as much as we spend
, computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights has been mysteriously blacked out forever. >> that changed during the exciting fall finale when the evil monroe militia found a way to generate power spelling trouble for the brave rebels. >> no. >> are you following? >> yes. >> take a look. >> go! ♪ >> in here! >> wow. >> welcome. >> must be boring to be here with us after that, huh? >> well, yeah. you guys can just go ahead and just read the paper. >> let me tell you what's great about the paper today. you open up "usa today," on the front of the living section it has "the voice." and when you flip it over to the back, it's all about "revolution," the other big nbc show. do you feel a lot of pressure? he's looking for an answer. >> you don't look like you do, but do you? >> i personally do not feel the pressure, no. we're doing what we can and i'm -- sure, i'm encouraging people to come back and watch because the second half of the season now really becomes a whole different thing. we were on a big quest to find danny in the beginning and now that we found him, the -- >> where was danny?
consequences if the sequester does in fact go into effect. on friday the president seemed to change his tune a little bit. take a listen. >> this is not going to be a -- an apocalypse as some people have said. it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. >> reporter: and there will be a range of disruptions including hundreds of thousands of government workers who are bracing for potential furloughs. the important point though lester, the furloughs won't go into effect for about a month. back to you. >> kristen, thanks. >>> robert gibbs is an nbc news political contributor and president obama's first press secretary. nice to have you with us, robert. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> give us a sense, nobody likes the cuts. everybody says they didn't want them. but i don't think we can say there was much of an effort to stop them. there is one 11th hour meeting. you've been there. behind closed doors, what happens? was this anything more than political theeter? >> i do think they spent more time discussing how to deal with the next deadline which is at the end of this month and basic
, the way they went about business, you know, his story changed a lot. i think he said some things, and then it escalated on him even. >> john zeigler conducted the documentary on joe paterno he's working on. good morning. >> thank you matt. >> you wrote an open letter to the media yesterday, a preemptive strike against what you think will be a lot of criticism coming your way because of these interviews and what you've come, or the conclusions you've come to. why did you write that letter? >>le with, i know the media really well, matt. i've devoted most of my career to analyzing the media, and i personally believe the media in this particular case has an agenda they don't want to hear what the truth is. this has been a rush to judgment from the beginning and i know i'm going to get attacked from everybody. >> when you say this has been a rush to judgment from the very beginning after over a year of examining your case and your conversations with jerry sandusky in person and by phone do you believe he was wrongly convicted? >> well, jerry sandusky already had his day in court, but
in a change that would allow a marriage to resume in california but would have no nationwide effect. >> all right. pete williams at the court again for us this morning. thank you. >>> new this morning, an apology from former general david petraeus in his first speech since resigning as cia director or an extramarital affair. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon with details. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. after a stellar 37-year military career and brief stint at the cia, his was one of the most stunning falls from grace in washington history. at the university of southern california in his first speech since the scandal, david petraeus has started his comeback. for the first time in nearly five months, david petraeus walked back into the public spotlight. the most famous army general of our time stepped out to try to reclaim his career and reputation. >> i join you keenly aware that i am regarded in a different light now than i was a year ago. i'm also keenly aware that the reason for my recent journey was my own doing. >> reporter: this leader of men who once commanded authorit
guarantee now until october 7th. if you choose the wrong color, we'll replace it for free. if you change your mind, it's a great safety net, so -- >> that's a great idea. >> people are terrified to make a mistake. >> people are paralyzed with color. >> when you cover a room with something, it's so much different than when you saw a swatch like this. >>ant you supposed to paint a small spot? >> there is no science to it. but i would say, a bit bigger on the wall. watch how the light hits it all day long, because the color will change. >> that's right. >> don't do it at noon and think that's what it is. after you're done, save your brushes, this is a lot of money that people throw away. clean your tools. >> okay. >> moving on. >> the neutrals. >> okay. new neutrals. everyone thinks of beige, beige, beige but every color has a neutral. gray is the coolest neutral. everyone loves a good gray. and you complement it with the accent bold colors, the mustard, you bring it into the flowers and the burgundies. this is actually a blush, not a beige, with pink undertones. >> are you ready? >> get ov
? >> it all depends on whether they play michael jackson's "man in the mirror" then they can make a change. >> really? >> it's possible. ♪ make a change ♪ for once in my life ♪ kids in the street wrought enough to eat ♪ ♪ who am i to be blind ♪ pretending not to see their needs ♪ ♪ and lost our dream >> that's great. ♪ that's why i'm starting with me ♪ >> i can't go that high, though, you know what i mean? >> we're glad you can't. we're going to play a little game. i was looking through something and i saw that taylor swift. and adele and i realized when i was clicking around online. they were almost the same age. the two of them, they're seven months apart. but when you look at what adele has done in her life and she has a baby and stuff and where taylor is in her life. it seems like they're very spread in age but they're actually very close. we're going to play who's older. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> here's the game. our first up is lindsay lohan and scarlett johanssen. who is older? >> i say scarlett. >> i say scarlett. >> we're right. >> what are the ages, scar
my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's 50% stronger. in this lab demo even just one select-a-size sheet of bounty basic is stronger than one full sheet of the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong, but affordable picker-upper. >>> 7:26. i'm jon kelley. still working very hard, trying to knock down a fire on two homes in taylor road. this started at one home at 2:00 this morning and spread to another one. firefighters had a tough time getting to it because of power lines that had fallen down. no o firefight
else an opportunity to adopt the others if you fall in love today. >>> times are changing, hoda. it used to be you are named your dog fifi or fido. my first dog was named zorro. remember that? you do. you're old. he was all black, and the sign of the z. he was a mutt. >> is this with frank? >> no, when i was a little girl. growing up in maryland. you never forget your first dog, and in some cases your first husband. but, anyway, i've had many dogs through the years, and you never forget any of them. they truly are your best friend. >> we never had dogs growing up, because my parents were just busy with the three of us, but my grandmother had a dog we loved named betty. >> your grandmother was -- she -- not only -- one of the first doctors in all of egypt. betty was way ahead of her time. i mean your grandmother was, because it's human names now. >> oh, really? you give human names to your dogs now. >> here are some of the top names for dog -- bela, bailey, max, lucy, mol, buddy -- that seems like a dog name. daisy, maggy, charlie and sophie. >> it's interesting. >> have you also
honor. >> nine, and so there's been this sea change between now and 1996? >> but the court's liberals said doma hurts same-sex couples. justice ginsberg says it creates skim milk marriages. >> for the federal government to say no joint returns, no social security benefits, your spouse is very sick, but you can't get leave. one might well ask what kind of marriage is this? >> justice kennedy, the likely pivotal vote, said the states traditionally define what it means to be married. >> i think it is a doma problem. the question is whether or not the federal government under our federalism scheme has the authority to regulate marriage. >> if the court bases its ruling on who gets to define marriage, then it probably won't be a sweeping ruling on gay rights, but striking down doma would still be a big victory for same-sex couples. matt. >> all right. pete williams at the supreme court this morning. pete, thank you very much. >>> search warrants tied to december's tragic shooting at a connecticut elementary school are set to be . >> michael in danbury, connecticut, this morning. thank you
last minute alterations to make sure they fit. i'm worried about the two-minute costume change. >> there is technical choreography to this. we'll show you more coming up in a full hour on "today". >>> we want to begin with the massive sing hole in florida. demolition crews are outside the house to tear it down. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. engineers determined that the site is entirely unstable. demolition is under way. this is the first look we have gotten inside the house. authorities abandoned their rescue and recovery efforts after finding no signs of life. with a sinkhole expanding beneath this house, rescue crews say they have no choice but to demolish the home today. the growing cavern is 30 feet wide, 50 feet deep and they don't know when it will stop. >> we met with the family, advised them of that, and that at this point we have to move beyond the rescue to demolition phase. >> word that the victim may never be recovered hurt the tight-knit community hard. family members of 36-year-old jeff bush, who plunged into the sinkhole as he slept in h
simplicity. the clear indication was we need a pope who with clean things up, make personnel change, bring greater accountability, transparency, and make no mistake, they chose him partially for that reason. so he'll make some tough moves. >> we saw the scene where the new pope was surrounded by some members of the old guard church hierarchy. we should expect to see some of those people changing roles. >> i wouldn't be surprised at all. he didn't re-up all the heads of the curia offices, only in a provisional way. that's telling. he said you're in for the time being but i'll pray and reflect and make my own decision so i wouldn't be surprised if some disappear. >> maria he's 76 years old, older than some people expected a new pope to be. do you think he needs to make his mark and make those changes quickly? >> i think he'll make it in his own time. this is a jesuit. they're free thinkers and questions of dogma. i think he'll do his own thing. this is a man you get -- you don't get a feeling of anxiousness from him. i get a feeling of great calmness, great reflection and strength. >> thanks
and who understands this changing world, perhaps even from another part of the world. cardinal o'malley from boston, expressing his hopes. >> certainly in today's world, the ability to communicate the faith is important. our people are anxious to have someone who will be able to touch the hearts, particularly, of our young people. >> reporter: whispered something yesterday that made the pope laugh. at 55, he is considered young. ironically, cardinal scoloof milan. next, cardinal batone. canadian cardinal marc ouelette. cardinal dolan of new york is 0-1. >> the names that are being floated, the most prominent names are still europeans. they are the majority voting bloc in the conclave. >> reporter: alliances are being made and broken. the election called the conclave could take time, according to the man who speaks for the vatican. >> the cardinals do not have to move quickly. >> reporter: for now, who will ultimately emerge as pontiff is as secretive as the process as the ancient ritual begins to choose a new pope. we're just learning that the cardinals will meet 9:30 monday morn
the cardinals to come up. as soon as he's elected pope and changes, they put the white chair out up on an elevated platform. he's to sit there while we come up to express our love, gratitude and allegiance. when the he said, no 'em standing down here, so he greeted each of us as brothers, just literally on the same level we were. you heard the story. when we left to go over to st. martha, where we've all been staying, they had his limo ready, he got back on the bus with us, like he had been doing for the whole conclave. those are little signs that send signals, matt. you mention an important signal last night on the balcony, you mentioned some of the pluses and minuses of that, but boy, let's watch close. i think we're going to see a lot of renewal. >>> real quickly, personal disappointment at all? your mom was interviewed, by the way, and she said about you not being chosen as the next pope, i'm feeling relieved. it's not that he wouldn't have been good for the church, i know he would have done a great job, but i want him here. spoken like a true mother. >> ah, i haven't talked to
, and in this instance he was talking about immigration and how jobs in america have changed. >> what are we doing? >> reporter: in an interview released by alaskan radio station krbd thursday congressman don young is talking about latinos who once worked on his family's ranch in california, and he used an offensive slur to describe them. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. it's all done by machine. >> reporter: late thursday, young tried to explain why he had used the word wetback, a slur that referred to mexicans who illegally crossed the river into the u.s. saying, i used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in central california. i know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays, and i meant no disrespect. migrant workers play an important role in america's work force and earlier in the said interview i discussed the compassion and understanding i have for these workers and the hurdles they face in obtaining citizenship. alaska has only one member of the house, and
upper 50s and low 60s today. rain spreading south for this evening and it will change over to scattered showers and steady breaks tomorrow into thursday with cooling temperatures and maybe an isolated thundershower. showers shut down on friday and then we warm up and clear out just in time for the upcoming weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks. >>> a college campus that's been rocked by a recent string of hate speech incidents. the latest, forcing officials at oberlin college to cancel classes on monday. thanh truong is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. police here in oberlin tell us a federal investigation is under way. this after the sighting of someone on campus wearing what looked like a white-hooded robe. now students are uniting against a rash of hatred. tight-knit oberlin college coming together monday. rallying against messages of hate posted around campus. >> disturbing. it's scary. it's frightening. >> we think racism does not get in oberlin. oberlin is not a bubble. >> reporter: more than a dozen incidents of racial and hom
on the treadmills. >> but it's a gym part where you change clothes in the locker room. people are on the phone in there too. >> people would, wouldn't they? >> they sure would, i think. you know what, i'm kind of bummed. i wanted to start that diet today, the one where you starve for two days and pig out for five. that's that new british diet. we were trying to figure out the right days to try that to begin it. >> there are only two good days. hoda figured it out. >> i was thinking about tuesday, wednesday, but we love going to theater on wednesday. >> that's our date day. >> so it's always -- it's got to be in the middle of the week, and they have to be consecutive days. you don't want to do thursday because that's the end of the week when you want to start drinking and eating. mondays and tuesdays are the days to start. >> that's not a total fast because you get to have 250 calories twice a day. a total of 500. >> then you get to eat what you want. i think that really could work. the more i think about that diet because your stomach shrinks and shrinks until you stuff it. >> tammy says don't
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a drive through, asked for change for $100 but he was really going to rob this dunkin' donuts clerk. watch what she did to him with hot coffee. >> okay, okay. he wants the money. >> you want my money, okay, big boy. >> in the car, in the car! >> yeah, baby! take it to the road! there you go. >> threw it in his face. we're going to watch it over and over again. >> here's the thought that we had, can he turn around, then, and sue her -- >> no. >> -- for burning him? that's the kind of stuff we hear about in the news today, hoda, which drives me crazy. there's no common sense anywhere. >> stop watching the news. >> we are the news! i know it's ridiculous, but we are the news. >> real quick, in the march 18th issue of "in touch," there's a photo of you and me. and the feud we've been having. this is what joan rivers had to say about it. kathie lee wants to do the "today" in l.a., hoda wants to be in new york city. why not compromise and tape it in a liquor store in kansas city. >> good idea. >>> coming up, rapper, deejay lil jon! he's got zoom ba going at the same time. >> he's all worked up.
of changing your baby? if you're jason hunter, you surprise him with a "dirty" diaper. that's what it looks like, but it's chocolate. spoiler alert. >> jason! >> this guy literally has a phobia. >> he swears he can smell a dirty diaper. >> jason! >> he literally is squealing at some point. >> you know when you get the dry heaves and you can throw up? >> he has him totally convinced. the baby is just this adorable, innocent thing, and this guy seriously has -- look at the baby. >> all right, kiddos. we'll be back. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. do not take lunesta if you are allergic to anything in it. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, i
, but she also may change her last name privately, so jennifer theroux. i don't think in the movies but among close friends. >> that's good. they picked the dancing with the stars cast we saw. >> yes, ashley judd, anyone? >> i love her. >> andy dick, huh? >> no wynona. i'm sorry. i'm starting rumors today. >> ashley is busy running for the senate. >> what i was going to say ashley judd talked to wynona about it and was surprised that her sister was going to do it. >> for herself after helping her husband back to health. >> andy dick, aly raisman. remember her parents -- >> the one to watch is andy dick. the man can go -- >> may be a train wreck. >> love you. >> love you too. >> maybe? amtrak. >> we're going to tell you how to keep more cash in your pocket. >> our experts will answer your money questions. first, these messages. >> that was a weird sneeze. i have never seen anything like it. >>> a look at your forecast. of course we're all keeping an eye on this cold air coming down to the south and bringing the possibility of snow flurries to places like northern alabama and northern
's all good. we're learning to deal with all of his little changes in life with a lot of humor. >> that lying thing did spark a lot about whether or not you should tell your spouse the truth at all times and what you should keep from them. i thought it was interesting. >> it won't change your behavior because you're afraid to tell a woman that she's killing you, taking all the skin off your body. you won't tell her the truth. >> i didn't want to hurt her feelings, okay? people have feelings too. all right? all right. >> we better get to -- we have our favorite things. let's hear yours. >> over the weekend i went up to essex, connecticut, because i had fallen in love with a woman's art, and i found out that she was going to be at the art essex art museum. it's up there, and a lovely, lovely, lovely place. this is who this woman is. her name is ann h. nielsen. it's called angels in our midst. it's one of the most beautiful books. you can get it. ann nielsen fine art.com. the book is $70. it's expensive. it's a lovely, like, mother's day gift or a birthday gift or something like t
passed tougher safety measures, including adding seat belts, changes that will be phased in over the next five years. police say they'll look at road conditions and talk with witnesses to determine the exact cause of this crash. >> seton hill will hold a memorial mass for quigley tonight. she is survive bid her husband and young son gavin. lester. >> michelle, thanks very much. once again, here's erica. >> thank you. >>> with the presidential election now four months behind them, republicans are looking ahead to 2016. on saturday sarah palin serbed up plenty of well received one-liners on the final day of the conservative conference known as cpac, taking jabs at morning city mayor michael bloomberg for the proposed ban on soda and also president obama. >> and background checks, i guess, to learn more about a person's thinking and associations and intentions. more background checks. should have started with yours. now, he is considered a good politician, which is like saying bernie madoff was a good salesman. >> the day wrapped up with a result of the cpac presidential straw poll which sho
remarkable people whose life lessons have quietly but profoundly changed our lives and our country. much for the better. watch. >> 1,000 miles on the back roads out here and you won't find one pair of designer jeans. i have spent a lifetime criss-crossing this country listening to your stories. >> it's like this old country, it's rocky as hell. but it's mine. >> listening to ordinary people with thoughtful solutions to challenges we all face. >> never underestimate a small amount of money. >> a chorus of voices that sang america's dreams. how long did it take to sink in that you'd done the impossible? >> probably when we were sitting in the oval office with president bush talking about bone fishing. >> not just our quest for money or fame, the story of us. >> start crying already. >> he's out with a new book. it's called "the american story: a lifetime search for ordinary people doing extraordinary things." talk about extraordinary. bob's been at nbc for 40 years. >> you look good. you look good. well-preserved. >> you want to see what i looked like when i was 25? >> we saw. let me get i
. then it will move into the plains. rain changing to snow. the cold air in place. high in denver 24 degrees. snow on the ground to help keep it colder. temperatures will cool down in a hurry. that is what we are looking at here for sunday. snow moving in now into parts of the ohio valley and parts of the northern plains. more of a shower situation. not really heavy snow. we are looking at tomorrow at the temperatures topping out only into the 30s. sunday a cool day. still mild throughout parts of the southeast. keep in mind in the southeast you have to watch out for storms. we are dealing with the threat of severe weather to the south and north. to the north here we will see the winter storm possibly now on monday affecting some of the big cities on the i-95 corridor. that is something we have to keep a close eye on for monday. next week things calming down. we are looking at a few snow showers. milder throughout much of the northern plains. on wednesday above the freezing mark in minneapolis. still on the cooler side throughout parts of the southeast. those temperatures will also be moderating a
just wasn't having it. i changed her to a side part. for the night. it was the right thing to do. >> where does your sense of style come from? your dad? your mom? who gave you that? >> i don't know. when i -- i mean, when i was younger when my dad was on tour, his costume designer used to make me matching outfits from the excess fabric, and her name was edna. i fell in love with her. i was obsessed with shirley temple so everything was i want a poofy skirt. it was silly. then when i started figure skating, i started competitively figure skating when i was 8, and -- >> fashion is a big part of that. >> i would design all of my costumes with her. you know, it was just something that i was always loving doing. >> how are your two little ones, by the way? >> they're on tour. >> they are. they are on tour. they're on tour with their dad while i'm here working. for the first time really away, away from them. >> oh, how old are they again? >> harlow is 5 and sparrow is 3 1/2. >> they're icons too. >> nicole, thanks. thanks again. congratulations on the beginning of the new season. you c
iphone, this little thing lets you change the music, forward the song -- >> stop it. >> -- without touching the glass and forward, forward, back, back, volume. you can answer the phone and talk on the phone. >> oh, my gosh. and they're $35? >> $35. favorite headphones ever. >> mine is a book i read a couple of weeks ago. i like to give new authors a chance. this is a brand -- first-time novelist, it's called "sensible shoes" a story about the spiritual journey by sharon garland brown. it's about $9 on amazon.com. if you're a spiritually inclined person i think you'll really love it because it's about four women, all of them coming from a different place spiritually but all of them in need of a new -- a new fresh cup of mercy, if you know what i mean. >> sure. >> so it's terrific. i highly recommend it. >> now i've got the mundane after the spiritual gift. but mine is candy. this is lori candy. i was recently given this as a gift. it's about $10 for half a pound on loriscandy.com. this stuff is literally so addicting you'll polish off the box. it's like a butter crunch. it's her gra
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